Delivering the future of Banking

Banking is more competitive, high-performing and open than ever. Digital disruptions are forcing banks to rethink operating models. Banks need to become more relevant and harness digital to drive growth, they must rethink their business models and be bold in reorienting their organizations.

We at Presto, help banks, payments providers and other players across the value chain adapt to win. We use new technologies to help banks and payment providers take bold steps to thrive in the future. Our experienced, hands-on team of finance, technology and risk & compliance professionals provide guidance and value added solutions to help you assess risk and protect stakeholder interests while developing a strategic and sustainable approach to growth.

What We Offer

  • Core Banking: Skills, technologies, and capabilities to renew core banking systems in ways that put customers first and enable banks to release trapped value in their operations.
  • Digital Transformation: Rethink, renew and redefine customer’s digital experience journey
  • Commercial and Corporate Banking: End-to-End solutions across commercial and corporate banking, empowering banks to control operational costs.
  • Banking Cloud: We help unlock the cloud’s true benefits with the right strategy, people and tools migrate it, operate it and secure it.
  • Financial Accounting and Software solutions: An array of solutions for financial software applications across the entire trade finance value chain.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: Enhance visibility & augmented control, and a safe route to compliance management.