Driving New Experiences

Leverage breakthrough technologies to meet customer needs of comfort, convenience, performance, and enhanced safety. The automotive sector is in a state of flux – emerging technology and fast-blurring boundaries between stakeholders and transforming the landscape rapidly. Increasing demand for personalized product and experience, rigorous quality standards, and reduction of operating costs are the major challenges faced by the auto industry.

Automotive players still are in a good starting position to win the customer, but they must act now, reinventing themselves in agility to compete, customer centricity and new business models.

Our Capabilities

  • We at Presto, help automotive companies to drive efficiencies, unlock new value, enhance the customer experience and create new business models.
  • Accelerate speed to market with the New IT architecture and operating model.
  • Prepare for more disruptive changes in the future car distribution model.
  • Move from product to service with a Wise Pivot, launching services in the mobility space and beyond.

  • Provide new functions requiring new business and engineering capabilities.
  • Manage digital content across functions to increase effectiveness, reduce time to market, while reducing related costs.
  • Transform the company into a data-driven business, extracting value from insights.